Title : Cartoon Series (3th Issue)  (View Souvenir Sheet)
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
150 won 
A Long Long Journey In Search of Mommy' by Kim Chong-nae 
Kim Chong-nae 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
White unwatermarked
Korea Security Printing and Minting Corporation 
We all occasionally have a nostalgic recollection of a scene from our favorite childhood comic books. A princess waiting for Prince Charming, the protagonist going through one adventure after another in search of his mother, the white knight fighting fot justice against villains from the outer space... In our dreams, we used to become the hero finally reunited with his mother, brave messenger of justice fighting off evil men.

Reading comics and cartoons was our daily pleasure and dreams when we were growing up. The deep impressions that cartoons left in our hearts, have become the roots and soil from which our feelings and emotions drew nourishment.

The Ministry of Information and Communication has been issuing a series of stamps featuring cartoons of Korea annually in order to heighten the public awareness and love of our cartoons. In 1997, it is issuing two stamps and two souvenir sheets of the Korea cartoon series featuring "A Long, Long Journey In Search of Mommy", by Kim Chong-nae, and 'Run, Run, Hannie', by Lee Chin-ju.

A Long, Long Journey In Search of Mommy
This is a saga of a boy in search for his mother, and it was created by Kim Chong-nae in 1954. When it was first printed as a series in a magazine for children in 1968, it became an instant hit. With a huge cast of characters and a lengthy story line, it takes the reader along to experience the adventures and adversities of Kumjoon, the protagonist. "Mommy left last fall when the wild chrysanthemums were in full bloom. She promised me she would come back when they bloom again, but..." Kumjoon waits in vain for the return of his mother who has not been heard from since she left. He if especially vigilant in fall when the wild chrysanthemums bloom. Tired of waiting, he finally embarks upon an odyssey to find his mother. Along the way, he meets Yoo Kuktal, a Robin Hood-type robber, and Kumsook. Together the threesome encounters a series of hardships and ordeals.

Run, Run, Hannie
Drawn by Lee Chin-ju, this cartoon first appeared in 1980. It was serialized in a magazine for chileren in 1985. This much beloved cartoon was subsequently made into a TV cartoon. Small but tough and full of sheer determination. Hannie is a 13-year-old middle school student. She spends every day longing for her dead mother. Despite her circumstances.. Hannie survives and holds tight to her dreams of running in a maratuon with the assistance of her teacher and coach Hong Tu-kke, his stout and generous wife Ko Eun-ae, and her closest friend Ch'ang-su. She takes up the challenge of running in a marathon despite her serious injury and does her best to the end, thinking of her mother the entire way.