1997 South Korea Issue-Year Summary

As of December 31, 1997

1997 Stamps and Philatelic items by class/type


1. The Basic Postal-Rate of 150 Won (Commemorative Stamp denomination), increased to 170 Won on September 1. Stamp No. 1915, 09.05.97, 85th FDI Annual World Dental Congress, was the first commemorative issue inscribed with the new rate.

2. Stamp Nos. 1926-29, are a se-tenant strip of 4.

3. The Special (Full) Sheet is the only source of Nos. 1933(170W), and 1934(380W). The Sheet is composed of an Upper-part(one of each stamp); and a Lower-part which contains nine 170W, and three 380W stamps.

4. The Nos. 1926-29 Collector Booklet is of the Souvenir-type containing two strips of four; with one strip of four, canceled on the front-cover.

5. Except for the Nos. 1926-29 release, all other 97-Collector Booklets are of the Portable (Use) Booklet type. All booklet rear-covers are inscribed with the issuer name: KOREAN PHILATELIC CENTER.

6. Commemorative Stamps, Nos. 1931-32, are classed as NEW YEAR/HOLIDAY stamps by Korea.

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