1998 South Korea Issue-Year To-Date

As of December 31, 1998 Stamp Issue

1998 Stamps and Philatelic items by class/type


1. The Special (Full) Sheet is the only source of Nos. 1941-44 (340W each). The Sheet is composed of an Upper-part(one of each stamp=4); and a Lower-part which contains two of each stamp=8. There are three strip formats of 4, in the total sheet.

2. Stamp Nos. 1949-52 (170W each), are a se-tenant strip of 4. Topic : 2002 World Cup Korea/Japan (3rd Issue). The single S/S contains one strip of 4.

3. Stamp Nos. 1953-56 (1953-55=170W; 1956=340W), are a strip of 4.

4. The Special (Full) Sheet is the only source of Nos. 1957-60 (170W each). The Sheet is composed of an Left-part(3 strips of 4=12); and a Right-part which contains one of each stamp=4. The two-parts are separated by a gutter. Only Stamp Nos. 1958, and 1960 (twice), border the gutter. The design of the Right-part, provides one off-set pair (Nos. 1958-59).

5. Stamp No. 1962, Philatelic Week, 170W; was resheduled from its normal issue date (around 11.18); so that its issue coincided with the opening of 98-KORPEX, the National stamp show. Also issued on that date, were two Authority-issued (Official) Stamp Booklets, containing the stamps of Cartoon Series (4th), 05.04.98. Each Booklet contains one 10-pane, of 3-sided perforated stamps.

6. Stamp No. 1969, Australian Curlew(Bird)-Definitive, 170W, was first issued 12.15.97, as Stamp No. 1937. No. 1969 is different, ONLY, because of its embossed braille-dots; meaning "10.15", the date of International White Cane Day.

7. Stamp Nos. 1970-77 (170W each), are a se-tenant block of 8. Full sheet contains 2 blocks (16 stamps). Topic: Korean Beauty Series (8th Issue).

8. Stamp No. 1978, is classed as a NEW YEAR/HOLIDAY STAMP by Korea.

9. The Special (Full) Sheet is the only source of Nos. 1979(170W), and 1980(380W). The Sheet is composed of an Upper-part(one of each stamp); and a Lower-part which contains six 170W, and four 380W stamps.

10. Collector Booklets: I am assuming a lapse in releases by The Korean Philatelic Center, after the 01.26.98 Portable (Use) Booklet, whose design was as before.
    The resumption of Booklet releases, beginning 08.14.98, is marked by subtle format changes in the Portable (Use) Stamp Booklets design when compared to those released from 07.24.95, (Stamp Nos. 1821-24), through 01.26.98, (Stamp No. 1938). A. No release date on the front cover. B. No Stamp No. on the rear-outside cover. C. The former English-KOREAN PHILATELIC CENTER, that was previously consistently present, has been replaced by the Hangul(Korean) name of the releaser; without any national indication in the character-string.
    All 98 Booklets contain 10 stamps; except, the 09.25.98 release (Stamp No. 1966), which only contains five stamps.

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