Title : Cartoon Series (5th Issue)
Stamp Serial#
Date of Issue
170 won 
Lee Sang-mu's "Tokgo T'ak" 
Image Area
Sheet Composition
White unwatermarked
Korea Security Printing and Minting Corporation 
Do you remember sinking down into a threadbare sofa, curling up with a well-worn copy of your favorite comic book, with the lingering smell of jerked fileflsh broiling over a briquette stove? Now with the emergence of the fifth stamp collection in the Korea cartoon serles, you can immerse yourself in the nostalgia of those days.

Kim san-ho's Rai-Fi.
Kim san-ho's Rai-Fi, enjoyed such popularlty that it prompted the comment, "If there is a Superman in the States, there is a Rai-ri in Korea". It was serialized as Rai-Fi, Defender of Justice in 1959, followed by sequels, Peener the Third and Rai-Fi, and The Green-robed Queen and Rai-Fi. In the future world of 2100 A.D., Rai-Fi, the justice warrior, flies the world in his faster-than-the-speed-of-light plane, "Swallow", saving the Earth form alien invaders. This cartoon opened a new chapter in sci-fi comic-book history, with its unprecedented attention-getting plot. Rai-Fi is making his comeback -- donning his white hood and sunglasses, and with his trademark emblazoned on his chest -- and now, on a stamp!

Lee Sang-mu's Tokgo T'ak.
With a disproportionately big head, closely cropped hair and a big, round face, Tokgo T'ak's face is unforgettable to us. Since he first appeared in "The Freckled Face" in 1973, Tokgo T'ak has been a buddy to children, in many cartoons, like "Chorus of Doves", "Run, Tail-ender", and "Nine Red Caps". Though he is always playing practical jokes, you cannot help but love this cute little mischief-maker because, underneath it all, you realize he has a very good heart. Dubbed 'T' ak's dad' , cartoonist Lee Sang-mu wove together stories of a family's struggles, but as he illustrated them working out their problems, he managed to teach family values in the process. Meet this little rogue on the face of the stamp.

Lee Du-ho's Im Kkuk-jung.
Cartoonist Lee Du-ho chose the Robin Hood-style robber, Im Kkuk-jung, who dominated the scene during King Myungjong's reign at the time of the Choson Dynasty, as the subject of his comic book, recreating the story with added Korean flavor. This saga was first printed in March 1991 as a series in the Sports Chosun. During its publication, it filled 21 volumes of comic books over a period of five years and two months. This legendary butcher-turned outlaw forms a group of robbers to defend against the exploitation and oppression arising from the noble-class bureaucracy of the day. As the story unfolds, Im Kkuk-jung robs from the rich and corrupt and gives to the poor. Im Kkuk-jung and his friends, "Tolkkae", (meaning - flailing), and "Cho Gum-maeng", (who is good at throwing stones), grace this souvenir sheet of stamps.