Some, Korean First Day Covers-FDC.
"Trying to fill in the blanks".
by: F. L. Korean

Korea's Special Souvenir Card for the Gold Medal Winners of the 1960 Olympics; was a neat little historical item in Korean Philately, November 1997, page 8, contributed by KSS member: Jack Kay.
See the article & picture
The article reminded me of an episode in my early Korean collecting-life.

See Inside-left, of the Stamp Information Card
See Inside-right, of the Stamp Information Card
See the Rear, of the Stamp Information Card
The above imaged item, opens to display stamp characteristic data for the two stamps and one Souvenir Sheet, issued August 25, 1960. Korean/Hangul on the left-inside, and English on the right-inside. The rear of the item, contains a map of the lower part the Italian penisula and Greece; as well as a hand holding an Olympic torch. The colors used on the rear, are the same white and blue, as seen on the above image.

At some coin show, where several coin/stamp dealers were also present, I purchased the two stamps issued by Korea, to commemorate the 1960 Summer Olympic Games, held in Rome. Also present was the above pictured philatelic item, which the purveyor thought to be the Souvenir Sheet (S/S), which was also released with this two-stamp issue. Later in my collecting career, when the real S/S arrived to take its proper place, it pushed the above-pictured item into my "what-is-it" file. Still later, when I purchased several FDC's issued by the Korean Philatelic Center, they came with what the dealer called "Inserts", within each envelope. At that time, I would have more accurately described the "Insert" as a New-Issue Stamp Flyer; but, now know them to be earlier versions of what The Korean Philatelic Agency now calls Oop-yo An-nae Kar-duh/Stamp Information Cards. Still later, I purchased the following imaged-FDC, to go with the long-time lonely Insert/Stamp Information Card.

I do not know the issuer of the above FDC. There are no markings on the rear.

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In May 2004, I received questions from a 78 year old gentelman about several FDC's he had purchased in Seoul, December 1946. He has supplied images of those FDC:
See FDC# 2-5
See FDC# 7-12
See FDC# 13
See FDC# 17
See FDC# 18
See FDC# 20


See FDC# 243
The earliest FDC I have, Nov. 7, 1957, contains Stamp Nos. 242-243;
(KPC# C114-115; KSC# 282-283; MICH# 258-259; SG# 301-302; Sc# 263-264). My FDC is marked with a J.P.S. trademark(Japanese Philatelic Society; I have been told). There are no markings on the rear.

This stamp issue coincides with the first Korean Souvenir Sheet issued to the public; and, also coincides with the KPC's *footnote informing the catalogue-user that the Ministry of Communications issued FDC, is the FDC listed starting with this issue, and subsequently.

See other FDC's containing the J.P.S. trademark:
See FDC# 257
See FDC# 260-62
See FDC# 266
See FDC# 267
See FDC# 278-80
See FDC# 281

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See FDC# 269

The second FDC I show, contains Stamp No. 269, issued August 17, 1959.
(KPC# C123; KSC# 330; MICH# 290;SG# 339; Sc# 292).
This is the next FDC in my collection in DOI sequence with a different trademark. It is marked with "W.S.Co", within a rectangle. There are no markings on the rear.

See another FDC# 269; no trademark.

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See FDC# 285

The third FDC I show, contains Stamp No. 285, issued June 19, 1960.
(KPC# C131; KSC# 344; MICH# 303; SG# 360; Sc# 305).
This is the next FDC in my collection in DOI sequence with a different trademark. It is marked with "KOSCO", within a circular trademark, wrapping around the bottom. Within the top of the circular trademark, wrapping around the top, are the Hangul characters: Han-gook Oop-yo Sa/Korean Stamp Co. At the bottom outside the circle is the numeral "12". There are no markings on the rear.

See FDC# 270
I have one other FDC marked with the "KOSCO" trademark, containing the Souvenir Sheet issued September 18, 1959, for Stamp No. 270.
(KPC# C124a; KSC# 331a; MICH# Block 135; SG# MS342; Sc# 293a).
Beneath the trademark are the roman numerals "IV". There are no markings on the rear.

See FDC# 287; KOSCO trademark on the rear

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Here are some FDC's with "No trademark" of the issuer:
See FDC# 272
See FDC# 273-74
See FDC# 282-83
See FDC# 292
See FDC# 293
See FDC# 336
See FDC# 424-428

See FDC# 320

The last FDC I show, contains Stamp No. 320, issued January 31, 1962.
(KPC# C156; KSC# 380; MICH# 342; SG# 421; Sc# 348).
This is the next FDC in my collection in DOI sequence with a different trademark. It is marked with "KPC", within a circular trademark, wrapping around the bottom.

Although there are numerous gaps in my FDC collection, with several voids lasting for two years; from the above display through my last FDC of 1974, almost all FDC's have the "KPC" trademark.

Beginning with my first FDC of 1975 through the last I own, of 1980, all my FDC's have "Korean Philatelic Center" and the Stamp No/s of issue, printed on the rear of each envelope. There are no trademarks on the front.

Here are some more FDC's with "KPC trademark":

STAMP NO./s Date of
Subject # of
FDC# 323
04.07.1962 W.H.O.'s Malaria Eradication Campaign 1 S/S
FDC# 337
10.10.1962 10th Indo-Pacific Fishery Counsil Meeting 1  
356 357
FDC# 357
05.08.1963 Centenary of the International Red Cross 2 1 S/S
377 378
FDC# 378
12.10.1963 15th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights 2 1 S/S
414 415
FDC# 415
06.15.1964 1st Five-Year Economic Develpment Plan
(3rd Issue)
2 See Series
FDC# 459
06.25.1965 15th Anniversary of the U.N. Forces that Participated in the Korean War 1 S/S
FDC# 502
05.10.1966 20th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts of Korea 1  
FDC# 503
05.31.1966 80th Anniversary of the Modern Education for Women 1  
530 531
FDC# 531
10.31.1966 State Visit of U.S. President L. B. Johnson 2 1 S/S
535 536
FDC# 536
12.10.1966 New Year's Greeting for 1967 1 S/S each
See Series
FDC# 556
06.20.1967 Funding Stamp (Semi-postal)
Fund for Korean Troops serving in Viet Nam
1 See Series
FDC# 557
07.01.1967 6th Presidential Inauguration of Park Chung-hee 1 S/S
See Series
558 559
FDC# 559
08.10.1967 3rd Korea Boy Scout Jamboree 2 S/S each
601 602
603 604
605 606
607 608
FDC# 608
10.12.1968 19th Olympic Games - Mexico 8 4 S/S
653 654
655 656
FDC# 657
10.28.1969 50th National Athletic Games 1  
FDC# 668
01.01.1970 70th Anniversary of Korea's admission to the Universal Postal Union (U.P.U.) 1  
FDC# 692
06.02.1970 Inauguration of Satellite Communication Station-Kum-san 1  
706 707
FDC# 708
10.06.1970 51st National Athletic Games 3 S/S each
718 719
See FDC# 719
12.05.1970 2nd Five-Year Economic Development Plan (4th Issue) 2 See Series
FDC# 729
03.01.1971 Campaign for Anti-Espionage 1  
FDC# 801
03.28.72 25th Anniversary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East (E.C.A.F.E.) 1  
FDC# 805
05.01.72 New Community Movement (Rural developement) 1  
FDC# 832
12.27.72 8th Presidential Inauguration of Pres. Park Chung-hee 1 S/S
See Series
880 881
FDC# 881
01.20.74 Definitive Stamps (1 Won & 30 Won):
"1 Won": Hahoe Mask.
"30 Won": Honey bee.
FDC# 888
04.06.74 Homeland Reserve Forces 1  
FDC# 889
04.10.74 World Population Year-1974 1 S/S 
FDC# 893
05.06.74 22nd Session of CAFEA-ICC 1  
FDC# 894
05.10.74 New Dock of Inchon Port 1  
939 940
FDC# 940
03.15.75 Flower Series (1st Issue) 2 See Series
FDC# 998
02.10.76 10th Anniv. of K.I.S.T. 1  
FDC# 1001
03.10.76 Centenary of Telephone 1  
FDC# 1004
04.03.76 8th Homeland Reserve Forces Day 1  
FDC# 1005
04.07.76 World Health Day 1  
1006 1007
1008 1009
FDC# 1010
04.22.76 New Village Movement 5 Se-tenant
FDC# 1011
05.01.76 Safeguarding of Moenjodaro;
The remains of the oldest town in Pakistan, which was one of the world's first four great civilizations. It flourished about 4,500 years ago (B.C. 2,500-1,500) along the Indus river valley.
1012 1013
1014 1015
FDC# 1016
05.08.76 U.S.A. Bicentennial 5 1012 S/S
FDC# 1020
06.10.76 Safeguarding of Borobudur Temple.
Borobudur, a temple located in Java, Indonesia, is a unique and mammoth Buddhist sanctum on a square platform built around the 8th or 9th century A.D.
FDC# 1023
07.01.76 Life Insurance Topping 100 Billion Won 1  
FDC# 1028
08.10.76 Encouraging the World's Children to Read Books 1  
1034 1035
FDC# 1035
09.28.76 International Tourism Day 2  
FDC# 1036
10.01.76 30th Anniv. of Military Academy 1  
FDC# 1037
10.05.76 Philatelic Week 1 S/S
1042 1043
FDC# 1043
12.01.76 New Year's Greetings 2 S/S each
See N.Y.'s

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