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Stamp questions to F. L. Korean
November 9, 1999

Received this date via e-mail:
Sorry to boother you - hav stamp with Korean flag on it - but stamp say United Stats Postage. Is good stamp?

F. L. Korean to HanMe:
No bother.

Sounds like SCOTT# 921, issued 11-02-1944. I have attached a .jpg picture-file to this e-mail: name is "overrun-stamps.jpg". If you can not see this picture on your computer; tell me. I will put it on the InterNet.

The US issued an "Overrun Countries Issue" of 13 stamps, from 06-22-1943 to 11-02-1944. The first 12 countries were "Overrun" by Germany before and during World War 2. The 13th stamp, "KOREA" is the only country honored, which was "Overrun" by Japan.

The issue quanity for this stamp was 15,000,000. The current stamp price for this stamp, USED or NOT-USED, is the same, at about $.20.

The Korean stamp, is the only stamp of this 13 stamp issue, for which an error is reported: If you can find a SCOTT# 921 stamp, which says "KORPA" instead of "KOREA"; it is worth $15.00+.

Your turn to talk,
F. L. Korean

S#921; $.20

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