Frank Lincoln Allard, Jr.

Frank Allard, 73, longtime dealer in Japanese and Korean specialty stamp material, died July 16 at the Hospice House in Monterey, California. Frank was a long-time member of the Korea Stamp Society and frequently provided interesting covers for inclusion in Korean Philately

Frank was born June 30, 1928, in Los Angeles and moved to Carmel in 1976, setting up a stamp shop, the Nippon Nook, in downtown Carmel. His mother, Hallie, had moved to LA from Colby, Kansas. Those Americans who spelled “Kobe” as “Colby” especially amused him, and he had a certain fondness for that Japanese city, eventually spending much time there.

Frank joined the California National Guard serving as a medic. During the Korean War, his unit was called to active duty. In 1951 he was sent to Japan and based at an army camp on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. That experience led to a lifelong love of Japan and things Japanese.

Following his military service, Frank went to Los Angeles City College under the GI Bill and in 1955 graduated with an AA. His favorite teacher at LACC was of Japanese descent and encouraged Frank to enroll at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, graduating with a BA in 1957 and an MA in Sociology in 1958. He was so influenced by his time at this renowned all-black university that he remained a vocal advocate of minority rights.

In 1959, Frank returned to Japan and took a tenured teaching position at Kobe University. The man he replaced, Roy Smith, had been in Japan since the turn of the century and during a class outing heard the roar of cannon fire as the Japanese navy defeated the Russians in the battle of Tsushima Straits during the Russo-Japanese War.

In January, 1962, under the name “Allard of the Orient,” he launched the Oriental Observer, a newsletter “of philatelic reports and observations of the ever fascinating Orient.” The newsletter stopped when he left Japan in 1976, but he became a full-time dealer in Japanese stamps when he moved to Carmel. Frank considered his clients more than mere customers; they became his friends. Many corresponded with him over the years, sharing information about family matters. The week before he died, Frank said that he led a full life and got to work at doing something he loved.

He was a member of more than a dozen philatelic societies, including the International Society for Japanese Philately and the Korea Stamp Society.

He is survived by his daughter, April Aileen Allard, of Carmel Valley. A son, Frank Lincoln Allard III and two brothers, Howard and Norman, preceded him in death.

At his request, no services were held. The family suggests that any memorial contributions be sent to the Allard-Casey Memorial Fund, c/o The University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Submitted by April Allard

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