Korean Cartoon Series Stamp Booklet/Folder

Booklet released: August 13, 1999

Korean-Side: Information/Press Release Section:
Since the images in the Press Release/Information Section, do not consistently load for computers operating without a Hangul character-set; I decided to capture them.

O/A Aug ?, 99, the previously present 1998 Stamp Book and Booklet, and the Korean Wild Flower Stamp Booklet, and the Korean Mushrooms Stamp Booklet, were expanded to include the additional offer of a Korean Cartoon Series Stamp Booklet/Folder. I have separated the new data and image, from the previous offers.

Korean Cartoon Series Stamp Booklet/Folder:
Release date:  '99.8.13'.
Philatelic contents:  11 stamps issued in the Cartoon Series, 1st-5th issues, 1995-1999.
Booklet release quantity:  18,000. Booklet cost:  6,000 Won.

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