KSS's Consolidated History Section.

Two histories of Korea:




(LAND/PEOPLE I): CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE, comparing the periods of Korea, China, Japan, and the West (Opens in a new widow- 156kb)

(LAND/PEOPLE II): Latecomers of the Neolithic Culture were the ancestors of today's Koreans (Opens in a new window-TEXT & MAP)

(LAND/PEOPLE III): Ancient Period: 2333 B.C. - 8th century A.D. (Opens in a new window-TEXT & MAP)

(LAND/PEOPLE IV): 8th century-Parhae and United Shilla Kingdoms(Opens in a new window-TEXT & MAP)

(LAND/PEOPLE V): The Koryo Kingdom (918 - 1392) (Opens in a new window-TEXT & MAP)

THE YI DYNASTY 1392-1910:
(LAND/PEOPLE VI): Early Choson (1392-1592) (Opens in a new window-TEXT, MAP, Pictures)

(LAND/PEOPLE VII): Early Choson (1592-1600) - 'War with the Japanese"; (Opens in a new window-TEXT, MAP, Pictures)

(LAND/PEOPLE VIII): Choson (O/A 1600-1800) - "After the War"; (Opens in a new window)

(LAND/PEOPLE IX): Choson (O/A 1800-1904) - "Opening of Korea"; (Opens in a new window)

(LAND/PEOPLE X): Choson (O/A 1904-1910) - "Korea: A Protectorate of Japan"; (Opens in a new window)

THE YI DYNASTY 1392-1910, ends
(LAND/PEOPLE XI): Choson (O/A 1910-1945) - "Korea: A Colony of Japan"; (Opens in a new window)

(LAND/PEOPLE XII): Korea: At the end of WW-2. 1948: DPRK & ROK. ROK: 1948-1993. (Opens in a new window)

(Horse Warrants-MAP'ae): Choson (O/A 1509-1800) Extract from Edgar J. Mandel's Book. (Opens in a new window. Takes 10 sec. to load.)

(Henrick Hamel, Dutch sailor): From 1653-1666, 36 Dutch sailors were ship-wrecked in Choson. (Opens in a new window)

The last that I knew, because of a period when I read early things-in English-about Old Korea, this chart pretty-well represented the known sources of Old Korea's written history.
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1900 Hulbert's History of Korea Source Chart- Updated by C. N. Weems-1962

This book cover, published 1992, says "Mark Clifford covered South Korea as a correspondent for Far Eastern Economic Review from 1987 to 1992, where he was also a frequent contributor to BBC World Service. He is a past president of the Seoul Foriegn Correspondents' Club, which taught him more about Korean labor relations than he ever wanted to know. A graduate of the University of California at Berkely, he is currently the Business Editor of Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong."
"Liberation and Division (of Korea)", from Troubled Tiger

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