FEB. 2001

In the November issue, I made reference to the fact that I am needing articles. For a long time now, I have had enough material for at least two issues. At this point, I am down to enough material only for this issue. So... .get out your computers (or typewriters, or even pens), and put together an article. I have been reminded that we need to address both the beginner and the advanced collector. So, here are some ideas of articles that you might think about writing:
     My Favorite Korean Cover/Stamp
     Why I Collect Korean Stamps
     History of Famous Korean Collections or Collectors
     Exhibit Pages
     Something on the area of your specialization
     Changes Needed in Scottís (and Why)
     Postmarks associated with the 50th anniversary of the Korean War

And Iíd love to do an interview with you, if I havenít already done that.

In this issue, you will see a call for someone to volunteer to be the Societyís Librarian. Stanley Kim has accomplished a lot for the Society as Librarian. I am most excited about the fact that he completed a draft of a complete index for KP. Now, however, with new babies, an expanded job role, and considerable travel, it appears that he is too overwhelmed to continue his task as Librarian. So we are hoping that you will be willing to step forward and complete what Stanley has begun. We are also hoping to move our collection into the Western Philatelic Library, where the material will get much wider distribution and will be more accessible to the membership.

Volunteer to Serve as Publisher

We are looking for a volunteer to serve as Publisher of Korean Philately. Initially, this was folded into the job of the Editor. Because of the amount of time that editing KP entails, our President, Peter Beck, agreed to take on the task. That task, along with his other responsibilities, has now become too big for him. If you are interested in helping KSS in this way, please contact the Editor, Gary McLean, whose information is contained on the inside cover of this issue.

The Publisherís duties will include the following:

1. Identify a printer who is near the Publisher who can produce a quality publication within budget.

2. Receive the master copy four times a year, take it to the printer, pick up finished copies, and pay bill (reimbursable, or may be billed to KSS if printer is willing).

3. Return the master copy to the Editor.

4. Purchase stamps and envelopes (reimbursable).

5. Receive mailing labels from the SecretaryTreasurer.

6. Stuff finished copies in envelopes, apply mailing labels, weigh envelopes and determine needed postage, purchase and apply stamps, and mail.

7. Submit receipts to Secretary-Treasurer for reimbursement.

Volunteer to Serve as Librarian Sought

We are looking for a volunteer to serve as KSS Librarian to pick up on the excellent work begun by our current librarian, Stanley Kim. If you are interested, please contact our President, Peter Beck, whose information is contained on the inside cover of this issue.

The Librarianís duties will include the following:

1. Serve actively as a member of the KSS Executive Board

2. Make arrangements to move our collection to the Western Philatelic Library.

3. Submit a column for each KP, on time, including all references to Korean philately in the philatelic press. The Editor is willing to work with the Librarian on this task.

4. Identify published materials related to Korean philately so the Editor can obtain review copies.

5. Complete the draft of the Cumulative Index.

6. Compile a listing of all KSS holdings.

7. Communicate actively with the Editor and the Board.

8. Ship library materials to the membership as requested.

9. Continuously update the Cumulative Index and the KSS holdings, and annually publish supplements as part of KP.

10. Other items as mutually agreed upon.

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