February 2008

Itís not easy writing an editorial so soon after having written an earlier one. Itís a good feeling to be making such good progress in getting caught up. Of course, my perennial cry is repeated againóto get caught up, we MUST have material, Short articles are great (as, of course, are longer ones), as they help fill smaller spaces!

I am very pleased to announce that John Talmage and I worked together on producing the last issue of KP. Our intent is for me to continue to edit material and then have John do the layout. We think that this will be a good partnership that will allow us to catch up! We worked together well, and 1 am optimistic about how well this new arrangement will work for us.

Because of the closeness in time of this Issue and the last, you will note that we have much less front material. Iím sure this will change as we get these issues in your hands and begin to receive your feedback on items that catch your interest, I hope that the next issue will be out in April.KP.

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