May 2005

After my long layoff from working on KP, I had forgotten how much fun it is to interact with Korean stamp collectors. Now that I am reinvigorated with KP and back into it in a serious way, I am finding out how important the relationships are that exist within our hobby. The fun doesn’t take place by sitting at a desk by one’s self all the time simply "playing" with "little pieces of paper" (as my wife has accused me of doing from time to time). Rather. our research, study, and organizing have to be combined with interactions with others of similar interest. Membership in KSS is one step in this direction, especially if memhers participate in the national shows and if they participate in KP, either though writing articles or letters to the editor. Come and enjoy the fun.

About a month ago, I made the first difficult and sad step of beginning, slowly to be sure, to dispose of my stamp collection. As some of you know, I have long had bad eye­sight, but an operation that went had almost three years ago has made things very difficult, and the "good eye" is continuing to deteriorate. So, I shipped off a major portion of my Canadian revenue collection, to auction. I've been collecting stamps for 55 years now, longer than I have been with any other ongoing activity. I’d love to hear from others who have begun the process of disposing of their Korean stamps (so far, not me). So many of our membership are at about this same stage in their collecting, and it would be very helpful for all of us to hear about how others have gone through this.

The news out of North Korea during this month (September, actually) is promising. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Can the DPRK trust the USA? Or vice versa? Wouldn’t it be interesting if there could be a six way joint issue on the conference’s outcome?

Sadly, it appears that we have had the last contribution from Jim Kerr related to the outcome of the Michael Rogers auctions. I will continue to try to report these (starting up again in the next issue), but the reviews will miss the insight and wit that Jim brought to the results. He is just no longer up to doing the reports.

Finally, this issue will have neither a Presidents Notes nor a Secretary-Treasurer Report. Given how little time has passed between this issue and the February issue, there was not time for the former, and there is no new news from the later.

You will notice a few articles in this issue that are reprinted (with permission, of course) from other sources, an indication that I do not have enough original material. I think the information being reprinted is extremely interesting, but, still, an editor is always hoping for new and original material. Won’t you please send me something? A paragraph with an illustration is useful. Please send me something—-it only takes a few of you to fill an issue. I hope you are enjoying the renewal of KP.kp

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