May 2007

I want to express my deepest apprecia­tion to our faithful authors. Working hard to catch up on past due issues, I totally used up material on hand and had o rely on my own material--- not a good situation for a journal. I sent out an SOS to all of our past authors who hae e-mail addresses (and to a few others), and the material started to flow in. I am very, very grateful for such a response. I am still try­ing to catch up. however, and I will need more material! You will see from the articles included in this issue that I can use very short pieces to long pieces, and I am particuarily appreciative of letters to the editor. You don’t have to he an expert to he published. Even somethirig that you are finding puzzling can make for an interesting article, and the readers of KP are extremely responsive in helping out. So, again, thank you for making this publica­tion possible!

The Fall, 2007, issue of Korean Stamp Review is very interesting, with two primary foci--tte first is on children and the second is on the history of Korea’s independence and the impact the struggle had on philately. I find the issue very interesling. Korea, somehow, has done an incredible job of attracting children to our hobby and even keeping quite a few of then; into adulthood.

When I have attended philatelic exhibi­tions in Korea, I have been amazed at the huge numbers of children crowding the floor of the exhibit to buy new stamps and to participate in interesting activities planned specifically for them. They also exhibit at a level far higher titan I have observed in the U.S., almost all of which have been thematic. I have been trying to attract a thematic article based on Korean stamps for KP. but, so far, I have been unsuc­cessful. Are there any volunteers out there!?

What more can we do to attract young people outside of Korea to the stamps of Ko­rea? I’m still puzzled over why there has not been more interest on the part of adopted Koreans in searching for their roots in philately. (I have four adoptesl Korean---now adult --- children, and not one of them, expressed any interest in stamps, though they all love Korcaii food!)


In the last issue of KP (February, 2007), there was an article by Don Vorhis on a cover from the Roosevelt collection. I incorrectly in­dicated in the first paragraph that it was from the collection of Theodore Roosevelt, even though latcr in the article reference was made to the fact that the handstamp on the hack ol the cover clearly indicated that it was from the collection of Franklin D. Roosevelt. My apolo­gies to Don and to the Roosevelts. and thanks to Robert Storace, James Lowe, and Vince McDermott for bringing this error to my attention. Mark it down to the fact that I was educated in Canada, and, while we did study a lot of U.S. history, I don’t remember spending much time on the presidents.KP.

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