May 2008

I learned in speech classes never to start a speech with an apology. And 1 suppose the same “rule” should apply to an editorial. But 1 must open with an apology for the poor quality of the reproduction of the illustrations in the last issue of KP (53:1). We aren’t quite sure where the problems arose because it looked terrific on our computers. So we are experimenting with different scan settings on our end, and we won’t forward the issue to our publisher until we are satisfied. Another possibility is that our publisher, who scans each issue before printing it, may be having problems with a new scanner. So we are asking him to be sure that he is satisfied with the quality of the illustrations before he prints out our copies.

Ken Clark has been extremely generous in allowing us to reproduce his award-winning exhibit; this series continues in the current issue. Ken has made a request for help with identifying new material and helping fill in some historical gaps in his exhibit. This request is at the end of his article in this issue, as well as in the last one. Please do help him out if you are able.

I receive a number of journals every month—both because of my own collecting interests and because I want to continue improving my own editorial process. While it has always been a challenge for editors to acquire sufficient material to fill four issues a year, there seem to be more and more serious pleadings for material. I have been very fortunate to have a pool of authors who are always ready to step forward to help when the call for help goes out. I hope that you all appreciate the amount of time and work involved by these authors in putting together the material to share with you. And I hope you will consider returning their favor by sending in your own contri­bution to our literature. One of my favorite parts of KP is the Letters to the Editor. I’ve heard from others that they feel the same way. So, even if you can’t contribute an article, a letter would also be much appreciated!

Plans are coming together for my trip to Korea for PHILAKOREA 09; I will be there from July 27 to August 4. One of my former colleagues at the University of Minnesota is planning on joining me for a couple of days; he’s an ardent collector, but of Thailand, rather than Korea. I’d love to have a KSS get-together some time during the show. If you plan on attending, please let me know (preferably by e-mail) when you will be there, and I’ll see what we can do about finding a time to meet and perhaps have dinner together! KP

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