August 2007

You will be receiving two issues in one mailing this time around. I finally found a block of time when I am not on the road (in the air), so I have managed to get caught up a little. So far, material is holding up, and I continue to be grateful to our authors and our readers for providing material for these two issues. I hope that there won’t be too long of a gap between these two issues and the next one. My hope is to get another issue out within the next month. As a result of having two issues at once, many of our regular components will be omitted, and others will be abbreviated.

Harry’s note (see letter to the Editor, below) does not portend well for the future of Korean philately. I guess we are all experienc­ing the impact of the oil crisis and the general economy downtum, but I really hadn’t consid­ered the impact on the sale of new issues arid the potential loss of literature related to the field.

Sadly, we have just received news of the demise of one of our faithful members and sometimes author, Ted Hallock. Ted died in 2006, but we have just received news of his death. It is strange to me that we find out so much about our members only when they die. I had no idea, with all of my interactions with Ted. that he was such an illuninous character. And I am always surprised when I learn something new about one of our members to find out how much of an impact our members have on the broader world. It is truly a pleasure to be part of such an impressive group of people— authors, politicians, educators, policy makers. businesspeople, and on and on the list can go. No wonder wc have such good articles submit­ted to our journal! Teds obiltiary follows, KP

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See Ted Hallock's Obit

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