by Gary N. McLean August 2008                       

I began writing this Editorial one day short of a week after being released from the hospital with my second knee replacement (mid-September, 2009). My experience this time around was much better than last January. Then, my energy level was very low, but, this time, I recovered my energy very quickly. My knee itself is doing well, just as my other knee did. I am walking without support, and I have full range of motion very unusual, but I am grateful that my body has adapted so well! At this point, I am doing extremely well.

I received an e-mail from Wallace Craig indicating that he had just tried to have a conversation with our former president, Bill Collyer. Bill has not been doing well, but he has just suffered a severe stroke, and he is doing very poorly. As Wallace said, he sounded like a 100-year-old man. One of Bill's major accomplishments, along with Wallace, was to set up our library with the Western Philatelic Library. Consistent with your tradition, please send your good thoughts to Bill and his family.

This issue will be heavily focused on PHILAKOREA 2009. I had the good fortune to be in attendance for this show, as I had also been in 2002 and 1994. This was not an international show, but an Asian show, so it seemed much smaller to me than I had experienced previously. But, as always, it was a wonderful way to test the market in Korea and also to see some quite incredible Korean exhibits. What an honor it was for me to be there. I was also able to put together enough workshops (four) to cover all of my costs. Korea with Korean friends continues to be one of my favorite destinations!

The February, 2010, issue of Japanese Philately, shared information on what appears to be a wonderful new research tool provided by JACAR the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records. Currently, the resource contains 18.5 million records between 1868 and 1945. While most documents are in the original language (thus, Japanese), there are documents in English and some documents are translated intoEnglish. All documents have at least one English keyword. This could be a very valuable source for conducting postal history research. The home page is at: www.jacar.go.jp/; the English version can be accessed directly at: www.jacar.go.jp/english/index.html.

Finally, I have to repeat my ongoing plea--we need articles. I had done a good job of catching up on our issues, but then I ran out of material. After this issue, I have just about enough material for one more issue, but then I am out of material again. John Talmage has agreed to search our back issues from the very early days of our Society, and I will begin to include some of those articles to help complete an issue. I think you will find them to be very interesting. However, I don't want to look only at reproducing our old articles; please send me what you have so I can make progress, again, at getting caught up.KP

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