August/November, 2002

This issue is double length, and the February, 2003, issue will follow very close on the heels of this issue.

Elsewhere in this issue, you will read about my incredible trip to Korea for PHILA-KOREA2002. I made some exciting purchases, I saw some outstanding exhibits, but, most of all, I enjoyed so much my interaction with members of the Korean stamp ftaternity (and it is a fraternity in Korea, just as it is here). It was so much fun speculating about the future of Korean philately, talking about the exhibits enjoying wonderful Korean food, and simply renewing old friendships and making new ones--even when we couldn’t share a common language! I also had a wonderful opportunity to visit with my former advisees who have returned to Korea when they hosted a traditional dinner for me.
Go read my write-up on PHILAKOREA-2002

Some of you may have discovered already that Linn's Stamp News no longer provides access to information for free on its web-site. It has now moved to offering a complete on-line subscription (and a combination on-line and hard copy subscription), resulting in the removal of all of their archives. It makes it difficult for those of us who are already subscribers to the hard copy, but who have been using the website to access specific information (such as new issues) so we don’t have to save piles and piles of hard copy issues or file folders of tear outs, What’s even worse, from my perspective, is that the on-line version is almost unreadable--the format is not good for on-line reading, and the print is so small and resolution so poor that the letters are even difficult to read, Perhaps this is mostly a reflection of my vision problem, but with the age of most collectors, surely Linn's had to think about visibility! I do understand that the formatting of the on-line version is undergoing revision for exactly these reasons. We have also lost important links to this information from our own website, since the archives are no longer available. What do you think of this move by Linn's?

Some of you may have been following the issue of the new website and cataloguing system called WNS—WADP Numbering System, with WADP standing for World Association for the Development of Philately. I decided to check out the site. Go to (www.upu.int), click on philately, and then enter Korea in the search window. The intent of the WNS is to list all “legal” stamps issued by UPU countries since January 1, 2002, By omitting stamps that the UPU determines were not issued officially, the hope is to eliminate “illegal” or stamps not officially issued. I checked out the site. The last Korean stamp issued was the May 16 issue... and I checked the site on February 2. Clearly, keeping up to date is proving to be difficult. Most collectors will not find this lack of timeliness to be very helpful for philatelists.

When I was in Korea for PHILAKOREA2002, I made arrangements for a special gift for all Society members. In commemoration of our 50th anniversary, I arranged to have several sheets of “My Own” stamps printed with the logo of our Society printed in the optional label portion of the stamp. We are including with this issue of KP a block or strip of 4 for each of you to enjoy.

While at it, I decided that it would be fun to get my own likeness on a Korean stamp. So I had my photo taken, and purchased a sheet of the “My Own” stamps with my photo on it. While I did this just for fun, I have found that it has been a great way to introduce people to stamp collecting, and to Korean stamp collecting, specifically. In fact, a couple of people have asked how they could get copies themselves.
Try it!

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