November 2007

I have been grounded—which is what is allowing me to get caught up on a few issues of KP. On January 22, 1 had a complete knee re­placement, and my surgeon is not allowing me to travel until March 1, and there will be no international travel until April 1. This is very unusual for me! The knee replacement went extremely well, with little pain and quick return to use of my knee. I am walking without support of a cane or a walker. However, I lost a lot of blood during the operation, so my energy level is pretty low, and they are having some problems getting my medications regulated. It’s been a long time since I have been home for so long!

Congratulations to Kenneth Clark, Editor of Kiku Shimbun, the journal of the British Society for Japanese Philately (but for only one more issue). Ken has been very successful in exhibiting various exhibits around the world. Of great interest to our members is his receipt of a Large Vermeil for his first-time exhibit of “Japanese Military Mail of Korea 1894-1910” in 8 frames. Ken has generously allowed me to include several pages of this exhibit in various issues of KP. Beginning in 2009, David Hubbard will return to the role of Editor.

This all adds to Kenneth’s 2006 prestigious award of the AM. Tracey Woodward Memorial Award, an award earned by only one other person, the editor emeritus of Japanese Philately, Robert M. Spaulding. The award is sponsored by the Japan Philatelic Society, Foundation.

Congratulations, too, to our frequent author, Gregory Todd, who received a Gold medal at the Bucharest’08 World Philatelic Exhibition. We are really fortunate to have such esteemed collectors who are willing to contribute their knowledge, not only through exhibiting, but also through writing articles for our journal!

I hope several of you have marked July 30 to August 4, 2009, on your calendars for PHILEKOREA 2009—to be held at the COEX in Seoul. I’m sure that some of our members will be exhibiting, and this is the conference for those interested in seeing outstanding Korean exhibits. I hope to be there to report on the events and get pictures to include in future issues of KP. If you are planning on attending, I’d be interested in knowing. We might be able to put some kind of event together with our Korean colleagues.

Hopefully, you’ll receive at least one more Issue before the end of the month, Keep your letters and contributions coming in! KP

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