The following information was extracted from LINN's New-Issues-Asia, October 11, 2004 editon:

June 19: Kim Jong Ilís Start of Work at the Central Committee of the Workersí Party of Korea 40th Anniversary,
3w, flag of the party, flowers, tower with flame;
Three panes of two stamps each:
Pane 1, 12w, at work;
100w, with pictures of monument at Samjiyon revolutionary battle sites;
Pane 2, 12w, looking at power stations in Jagang province;
100w, inspecting the front unit;
Pane 3, 12w, visiting Komdok mine;
100w, Kim Jong II;
Souvenir sheet with 130w stamp, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong II.
Designers, Choe Chol Man, Kim Hae Yong; 10,000 perf sets; 1,000 imperf sets.

The following information was extracted from Herrick's Web-Site: 09-22-2004.


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