The following information was extracted from LINNs' New-issues-Asia, February 7, 2005

Aug. 25, 2004: Meeting of Kim Jong Il and Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Zunichiro,
Souvenir sheet with 220-won stamp, the two leaders shaking hands.
Designer, Choe Chol Man; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.;
20,000 perf; 1,000 imperf.

North Korea issues summit stamps
BEIJING (Kyodo) North Korea has issued stamps commemorating the second summit talks between Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in May, the North's official media reported Monday. The stamps, which also depict Kim's unofficial visit to China in April, were issued by the Korea Stamp Corp. and carry pictures of Kim meeting with Koizumi and Chinese leaders, the Korean Central News Agency said.

Reported by: The Japan Times: Sept. 7, 2004.

The following information was extracted from Herricks' Web-Site, December4, 2004

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