The following information was extracted from LINN's Stamp News, October 11, 2004 edition.

April 20: Tok Islet of Korea, pane of three se-tenant stamps,
3w, map of eight provinces of Korea;
12w, western islet, birds;
106w, eastern islet, birds;
Souvenir sheet with circular 116w stamp,
Western and eastern islets, birds, border shows map, lighthouse,
253w booklet, contents not reported.
Designers, Ho Song Kil, Choe Chol Man; offset; Korea Stamp Corp.; 450,000 perf sets; 20,000 imperf sets; 14,000 booklets; 500 each imperf booklets and booklets without covers.

The following information was extracted from Herrick's Web-Site: 09-22-2004.


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