Korean summit; Australia; Norfolk Island

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, July 10, 2000, edition; page 19.

World of New Issues, by Denise McCarty

South Korea honored its recent summit with North Korea on a 170-won stamp issued June 12. This was the first meeting between the leaders of the two Koreas since the nation split in 1948.

The three-day summit originally was scheduled to begin June 12 in Pyongyang, North Ko­rea, but was delayed one day.

The summit was highlighted by the signing of an agreement by South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il to work toward the reunification of Korea.

President Clinton said that the summit “marks an initial, hopeful step towards peace and reconciliation.”

South Korea issued this stamp June 12 to
commemorate its summit with North Korea.

The South Korean stamp depicts part of a world map, rings made by a drop of water and a plant emerging from a map of the Korean peninsula. The map is formed by puzzle pieces.

The new-issue announcement from the South Korean Ministry of Information and Communicatitrn refers to this design by Gi-­Seog Lee as “breaking the ice.”

The announcement also says: “The stamp features a bud of hope coming up from the center of the Korean peninsula, reflecting our fer­vent desire that this summit will usher in a new era of reconciliation and cooperation in South-North relations.”

The Korea Minting and Security Printing Corp. produced 3 million examples of the Inter-Korea Summit stamp in sheets of 20.

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