Korean Government Stamp Serial Number
(Stamp Serial Number)
Published by South Korean Stamp Issuing Authority

By: F. L. Korean

The number shown in "( )", following the Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue# (KPC#); and the "Stamp Serial #/Number" shown on the "Stamp Issuance Schedules-1946-2011" is the "Korean Government Stamp Serial Number"; a sequential number that has been assigned by the "Stamp Issuing Authority" to every stamp issued to the public; beginning at "1" for the "Over-printed Japanese Stamps" issued on 02.01.1946, and ending with "2486"; the last Stamp listed on the "2006-Stamp Issuance Schedule";as of Mar. 15, 2006. This number will increment by "1" for every stamp issued here-after.