KSS's Consolidated History Section.

Two histories of Korea:


Click for bigKing Sejong, The Great
 Korean individuals on Stamps(0)

Click for bigAdmiral Yi Sun-shin, a National Hero
 Korean individuals on Stamps(1)

Click for bigChong Yak-yong, a Great Philosopher
 Korean individuals on Stamps(2)

Click for bigHong Yong-shik; First Postmaster
 Korean individuals on Stamps(3)

Click for bigYi Chun; Emissary
 Korean individuals on Stamps(4)

Click for bigAhn Jong-kun; Martyr
 Korean individuals on Stamps(5)

Click for bigRyu Kwon-soon; Martyr
 Korean individuals on Stamps(6)

Click for bigYoon Pong-gil; Patriotic Deed
 Korean individuals on Stamps(7)

Click for bigYi Pong-chang; Matyr
 Korean individuals on Stamps(8)

Click for bigAhn Chong-ho; Independence fighter
 Korean individuals on Stamps(9)

Click for bigKim Koo; Statesman
 Korean individuals on Stamps(10)

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