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William Collyer, Librarian,

February 2003

William Collyer has submitted his resignation as Society Librarian. Bill will be remembered for his success in moving our library to the WPL. Thanks, Bill, for all of your efforts on our behalf. Elsewhere in this Issue a “Call for Applications” for a new Librarian. Will you step to the plate?


Deepest appreciation is extended to Mr. Kim Jae-seung of Pusan for his contribution of the publicity videotape for PHILAKOREA 2002 and a CD-rom of the stamps of Korea up to 1995. These will be available for loan from the WPL. (Unfortunately for those of us who are Korean illiterate, both are in Korean only.)

Our editor, Gary McLean, has also sent a box of donations to the WPL. Included are regular updates to several journals/newspapers:
Die China-Philatelie
Kikn Shinibun (The British Society for Japanese Philately)
Korean Quarterly
China and Asia Collector (Kina 0ch Asien Samlaren)
Korea Siamp Review
Japanese Philately (The International Society for Japanese Philately)
Philatelic Literature Review

In addition, the box contained:
Bulletin No. 2, PHILAKORE,4 2002 World Stamp Exhibition
2000 Pocket Catalogue of Korean Stamps, Korean Philatelic Company.

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