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William Collyer, Librarian,

August 2001.

The Korea Stamp Society Library will be relocated to the Western Philatelic Library in Sunnyvale, California, according to KSS President Peter Beck. Bill Collyer, former KSS President, has been appointed KSS Librarian and will be the point of contact between the KSS and the WPL. KSS Board member, Wallace Craig, and former KSS Librarian, Stanley Kim, will assist with moving the KSS Library to the WPL Library. The move is expected to be completed in September, 2001.

This move will allow KSS and non-KSS members greater access to the Society Library. Founded in 1969 the WPL is operated by the Friends of the Western Philatelic Library. Sunnyvale is located near San Jose and San Francisco in California.

The WPL currently has special collections owned by the Tonga/Tin Can Mail Circle and the Society of Australasian Specialists. The Korea Stamp Society Library will be a most welcome addition to the WPL. Additional information on the WPL is available via its web site: http://www.fwpl.org! Also a listing of the current WPL books and publications related to Korea can be found on the same web site, In September the KSS will be listing its library of books and publications that are available through the WPL.

KSS members may continue to donate books or publications related to Korean philately or other Korea-related topics. Please contact KSS Librarian, Bill Collyer, for details. Also, authors of new books or publications related to Korean philately are encouraged to send two advance copies to KP Editor, Gary McLean, for review in Korean Philately.

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