Beginning in 1995, South Korea's Philatelic Issuing Authority became entitled "Ministry of Information and Communications", due to a late 1994 reorganization that caused a name change from the previous "Ministry of Communications". As its name implies, "The Ministry (MIC)" is responsible for research, developement, and management/oversight of missions ranging from the Ultra-High-Tech, to the mostly Terra-Firma operations of "The Bureau of Posts".

At least since 1996, MIC has been broadcasting Stamp information over the InterNet, in both the Hangul (Korean) and English languages. During this period the earliest stamp information available has remained constant, with the Issuance of 1994 being displayed. Beginning with the 1997 issuance broadcast, the previous stamp picture-only display was expanded to include stamp topic description. Finally, in late 1998 stamp characteristical information was added below the topic description.

O/A April 1, 2001, MIC's WebSite was revamped. Gone was any mention of Stamps, or the previously present Postal Administration Section. After surfing the Web, for a month, it is apparent that the only English info on Korean Stamps being broadcast out of Korea, is on The Postal Museum's WebSite.

Also O/A April 1, 2001, I became aware of a hyper-link on MIC's WebSite directing users to a "Korean Post" WebSite which contained Korean Stamp Information; but, only in Hangul/Korean.

O/A August 1, 2001, the Korean Post WebSite turned-on an English-side to their broadcast, which also included English stamp information.

O/A July 31, 2005, the Korean Post Website (both Korean & English), put-up re-designed Websites.

O/A Nov. 2005, the Postmuseum web-site stopped broadcasting in conjuction with the moving of the Museum to a new site. When it came back-up, in late 2006, it had been redesigned; NO MORE KOREAN STAMPS.

O/A Nov. 1, 2007, the Korean Post Website (both Korean & English), put-up re-designed Websites.

(Korea Post WebSite entrance)

(/Hangul     Korean Post-Korean-side 2015 Stamp Issuance Schedule)

(English/ Korean Post-English-side 2015 Stamp Issuance Schedule)

Mid-2007, I ran accross a web-site called "The Korean Portal System". I beleive it to be operated by the Korean Philatelic Center:

/Hangul     Korean Portal System-Korean-side

/English     Korean Portal System-English-side

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