KSS's Secretary/Treasurer

Sec/Treas. Column
John Talmage Jr., Sec/Treas,

May 2003

2003 Election Results

The following Officers and Board members were elected without opposition for the 2003-2006 term:
President: Peter Beck.
Vice President: Howard Maxey.
Secretary-Treasurer: John Talmage.
Board of Directors: Stewart Steres & Wallace Craig & (three-way tie)
   The position for the third member of the board for which no nominees were offered on the ballot, resulted in a three-way tie with each of the three write-in candidates receiving one vote. The current officers and board will confere on how to proceed on filling this position.

Membership Directory

   There was a good reponse to the questionnaire for the next Membership Directory with information on collecting interests.
   I will organize this a bit, and hope to get the new Membership Directory out this Spring-2004.

New Members

   Michael Rogers INC. introduced the Korea Stamp Society to his auction participants in one of his recent catalogs which resulted in nine new members for the KSS. We greatly appreciate this help from Mike in helping the KSS grow:

Kenneth (#1133)
Arcadia, CA.

Richard (#1134)
Barboursville, WV.

Wayne (#1135)
San Jose, CA.

Sung-ju (#1136)
S. Korea

Jerome (#1137)
Los Angeles, CA.

David (#1138)
Niagara Falls, NY.

Charles (#1139)
Seattle, WA.

Joseph (#1140)
Loon Lake, WA.

Robert (#1141)
Las Cruces, NM.

George (#1142)
Kobe, JAPAN.

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