The following information was extracted from LINN's Stamp News, October 11, 2004 edition.

Aug. 10: Freshwater Fish,
3w, Carassius auratus;
12w, Tilapia nilotica;
140w, Ophiocephalus argus;
165w, Clarias gariepinus.
Designer, Kim Hae Yong; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 20,000 perf sets; 2,000 imperf set.


Technical Details Extracted from Stanely Gibbons:
Fresh Water Fish
4 se-tenant stamps:
Issue Date: 10 August 2004
Series: -
Colour: -
Printing: offset
Paper: -
Watermark: -
Gum: -
Stamp size: 45 x 36 mm
Se-tenant size: 110 x 140 mm
M/S size: -
FDC size: 230 x 160 mm
Perforation: perf & imperf
Designs: -
Format: -
Sheet: -
Stamp Quantity: 20.000(perf) each design
2.000(imperf) each design
M/S Quantity: -
FDC Quantity: 2.000
Designer: Kim Hae Yong
Designer FDC: -
Printers: -
First Day Postmark: -

Fresh-water fishes

3 won stamp: Carassius Auratus:
Its body colour is red and it lives in clean and warm water of 18-25 C and is omnivorous and raise for ornament.

12 won stamp: Tilapia nilotica:
Its body length is normal 10-20cm, the biggest 30cm. The suitable temperature is 18-28 C. As the omnivorous, it is full of vitality, and is enable to breed fish.

140 won stamp: Ophiocephalus argus:
Its body length is 40-50cm and is full of vitality. It lives under the ice in winter and in over 30 Cwater in Summer. It tastes good and grow fast and also can breed.

165 won stamp: Clarias gariepinus:
Its length is normal 30-40cm, the biggest 100cm. It is round and long in figure and eats the small fish, lobster, warm, etc, acting in night only.

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