The following information was extracted from LINN's Stamp News, May 10, 2004 edition.

Jan. 30: 17th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Hong Kong 2004, souvenir sheet with two stamps, circular 91w stamp, astronaut Yang Liwei; 98w, landing, with show emblem in the border; 394w booklet for China’s first manned space flight; 3w, 60w, 70w, 100w and 135w Monkeys souvenir sheet (designs originally issued Jan. 1, now with show emblem). Designers, Choe Chol Man, An Chol; 30,000 Space perf; 2,300 Space imperf; 5,0000 Monkey sets; 2,500 booklets, 500 each imperf booklets and booklets without covers.

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