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Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, March 14, 2005, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

Dec. 20, 2004: Winners from the Athens Olympics, the names are overprinted in the pane of eight se-tenant stamps with four different designs issued Aug. 10, 2004
(Linnís, Dec. 27, 2004, page 58),
3 won, boxer Mario Cesar Kindelan Mesa, Cuba;
12w, Argentine soccer team;
85w, high jumper Yelena Slesarenko, Russia;
140w, gymnast Teng Haibin, China;
Booklet, contains the four stamps;
2,500 perf stamp sets overprinted; 600 imperf stamp sets;
250 booklets; 150 imperf booklets.

Jan. 1, 2005: Domestic Fowls, pane of four se-tenant stamps,
3w, chicken;
12w (the stamps show chickens made out of wood), rooster;
30w, hen, eggs;
70w, rooster and chicken; rooster; basket of eggs;
371w booklet, contents not reported.
Designer, Jon Kum Hui; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.;
20,000 perf stamp sets; 1,000 imperf stamp sets; 1,000 booklets; 500 each imperf booklets and booklets without covers.

Jan. 1: New Year,
3w, soldier with binoculars looking at scene of river, buildings.
Designer, An Chol; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 10,000 perf; 1,000 imperf.

Jan. 22: 250-mile Journey for National Liberation 80th Anniversary,
souvenir sheet with 120w stamp, Kim Il Sung crossing the Amnok River in snow,
border includes his instructions, his birthplace and a locomotive.
Designer, Choe Chol Man; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 10,000 perf; 1,000 imperf.

South Korea

Feb. 12, 2005: First Successful Establishment of Human Cloned Embryonic Stem Cells,
220 won, procedure of establishing stem cells, hope represented by scenes of man rising from wheelchair.
Designer, Jung-hwa Roh; gravure in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.6 million.

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