New Issues - Asia

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, April 14, 2003, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

NORTH KOREA-Feb. 20: Cars Used by President Kim Il Sung, 3 won, ZIS; Chollima steel complex; 14w, GAZ, railway bridge over Rimjin River; 70w, Pobeda, soldiers; 90w, Benz, Yonbaek Plain; souvenir sheet with 150w stamp, Delaying His Urgent Journey by Kim Sam Gon; 352w booklet, contents not reported. Designer, O Sol Rim; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 80,000 perf stamp and souvenir sheet sets; 7,000 imperf stamp and souvenir sheet sets; 2,000 perf booklets; 500 imperf and 500 without cover.

South Korea

SOUTH KOREA-March 6: Definitive, 10 won, flag. Designer, So-jeong Kim; gravure in sheets of 10, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 2 million.

March 19: Traditional Culture/Footwear, four se-tenant octagonal stamps, mokhwa (boots with wooden soles); unhye schnee (silk embroidered shoes usually worn by women of royalty); jipsin (straw shoes); namaksin (wooden clogs). Designer, So-jeong Kim; engraver, Hyun-tae Shin; photographer, Chang-hwan Kim; intaglio in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 800,000.

April 11: Definitive, 400w, celadon pitcher shaped like a tortoise. Designer, Eun-kyung Park; gravure in sheets of 100, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 2 million.

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