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Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, August 2, 2004, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

No listings published:

South Korea


June 15, 2004: Traditional Food, se-tenant block of four 190-won stamps,
Sin-seol-lo, casserole with vegetables, meat and seafood;
Hwa-yang-jeok, skewered boiled beef with Chinese bellflower, carrots, oak mushrooms;
Bi-bim-bap, rice mixed with seasonings, vegetables, beef and kelp;
Gu-jeol-pan, dish with nine different foods in nine sections of a round
serving dish.
Designer, Hyun Kim; offset in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 700,000 sets.

June 24: Traditional Culture/Part 5/Needlework Tools, four se-tenant
190-won octagonal stamps,
Work basket; Thimble with floral decoration; Bobbin; Needle case.
Designer, Jung-hwa Roh; intaglio in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 560,000 sets.

July 16: National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Arts,
50th Anniversaries, se-tenant pair of 190w stamps, beakers, book, bird, trees, building;
paint palette, keyboard, bird, trees, building.
Designer, Ji-won Mol; offset in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.2 million sets.

July 22: Philately Week, 190w stamps, animals, including dog, duck,
cat with flowers, pig with horn, celebrating 120 years of the modern postal service in Korea, birthday cake, 1,350,000;
Souvenir sheet, contains two like stamps, 320,000.
Designer, Ji-won Mo; offset in sheet of 15, Korea Minting & Security Printing.

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