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Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, August 15, 2005, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

April 23: 48th World Table Tennis Championships, Shanghai,
pane of stamps showing a table tennis paddle,
3 won, table tennis player Pak Yong Sun;
5w, Mao Tse-tung playing in anti-Japanese base in Yanan;
12w, player Wang Liqin; 20w, player J.O. Waldner;
30w, player Zhang Yining;
102w, player Wemer Schlager;
189w booklet, contents not reported.
Designers, Ri Kum Chol, Zhu Zuwei; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 40,000 perf sets; 2,000 imperf sets; 3,600 perf booklets; 500 perf booklets without covers; 1,050 imperf booklets, 50 imperf booklets without covers.

June 1: Fauna (joint issue with Russia), triptych of two 40w stamps and a central label,
Young sable (Martes zibellina);
Korean tiger (Panthera tigris Altaica);
177w booklet, contents not reported.
Designers, An Chol Alexander Povarihin; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 70,000 perforated triptychs; 3,000 imperf; 1,000 perf booklets; 500 imperf booklets and perf booklets without covers; 50 imperf booklets without covers.

June 14: Relics and Remains of Koguryo, pane of four se-tenant stamps,
3w, a generalís tomb;
70w, tomb mural depicting dancing and hunting;
100w, Mount Songsan Fortress;
130w, gilded arrowheads;
Souvenir sheet with 97w stamps, monument to the mausoleum of King Kwanggaetho.
Designer, Choe Chol Man; offset, Korea Stamp Corp.; 20,000 sets; 1,000 imperf sets.

South Korea

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