New Issues - Asia

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, October 10, 2005, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

No listings.

South Korea

Aug. 1: Definitive, 1,720 won, Buncheong jar with inland dragon and stamped design.
Designer, Soe-jeong Kim; gravure in sheets of 50, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 2 million.

Aug. 3: Philately Week, 220w, girl decorating cake with “Happy Birthday” (the stamp is heat sensitive with some color from the stamp disappearing when touched),
Souvenir sheet, contains two stamps.
Designer, Eun-kyung Park; gravure in sheets of 15, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1,350,000.

Aug. 12: Korean Liberation 60th Anniversary,
480w, provisional government building and draft of provisional charter;
520w, declaration of independence from Japan;
580w, Korean independence fighters taking an oath to serve their country;
600w, 60th anniversary emblem;
Souvenir sheet, contains the four stamps.
Designer, Kye-sok Yi; gravure in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 560,000.

Aug. 18: Fusion Culture, 220w, harmony of fork and chopstick from painting by Kyungjun Kim.
Designer, Jae-yong Shin; offset in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.6 million.

Sept. 1: Definitive, 50w, Korean wood owl (Strix aluco).
Designer, Jae-yong Shin; gravure in sheets of 100, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 2 million.

Sept. 23: Korea Bridges/Part 2, four se-tenant 220w stamps,
Hangang Bridge;
Expogyo Bridge;
Tongyeong Brdige;
Banghwa Bridge.
Designer, Gi-seog Lee; gravure in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 560,000 sets.

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