New Issues - Asia

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, December 11, 2006, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

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Nov. 1: Definitives:
250 won, Brown hawk-owl, 30 million;
250 won, My Own Stamp, se-tenant with a label that can be personalized,
Rose of Sharon, 1 million.
340 won, Whistling swans, 2 million;
1,750w, Buncheong ware with Lotus and fish design, 4 million;
Designers, Giseog Lee, Sojeong Kim,Jungwha Roh;
Gravure in sheets of 10, sheets of 14 and 20 for the 250w stamp that can
be personalized,
Korea Minting & Security Printing .

Nov. 10; Online games, pane of 10 250w self-adhesive stamps,
Linage; Mapie Story; Ragnarok; Gersang; Legend of Mir III; Kartrider; Mu; Pangya;
Fortress 2 Blue; Mabinogi.
Designer, Jiwon Mo; Changhwan Kim;
Gravure in sheets of 20;
Korea Minting & Security Printing .

Nov. 16; Mountains, four se-tenant 250w stamps showing different
scenes of Mount Seoraksan, Daecheongbong Peak; Sibiseonnyeotang Valley; Janggunbong Peak;
Ulsanbawi Rock,
Designer, Eunkyung Park; Changhwan Kim;
Gravure in sheets of 16; Korea Minting & Security Printing .

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