New Issues - Asia

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, July 7, 2008, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

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May 8: A Happy Nation that Nurtures Kids,
two 250-won stamps, mother smiling at baby by Isaiah Otieno Nondoh; babies, happy faces, frowning faces by Jazayeri Shirin.
Designers, Eunkyung Park; intaglio and offset in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.6 million sets.

May 19: Personalized stamps,
four 250w stamps with se-tenant labels that can be personalized,
Roses, 1 million;
Forest path, 700,000;
Smiling sun and moon, 180,000;
Hands forming heart, 180,000.
Designers, Jiwon Mo, Sojeong Kim, Junghwa Roh; offset in sheets of 20 stamps and labels (roses), in sheets of 14 stamps and labels (forest path), three stamps and labels (smiling sun and moon, hands forming heart), Korea Minting & Security Printing.

June 17: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Ministerial Meeting on the Future of the Internet Economy, 250w,
World map, @ signs.
Designer, Eunykvung Park; gravure in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.6 million.

June 20: Yun Bong-Gil 100th Birth Anniversary, 250w,
Portrait of the patriot, oath of the Korean Patriot Society.
Designer, Yaeyong Shin; gravure in sheets of 15, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1,350,000.

June 30: Flower self-adhesive definitive, 250w,
Euryale ferox Salisb.
Designer, Jiwon Mo; gravure in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 30 million.

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