New Issues - Asia

Edited Extract from:
LINN's Stamp News, August 18, 2008, edition.

By Denise McCarty

North Korea

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July 10: Dangun Wanggeom, four 250-won stamps,
Hwanung descending onto Sindansu on Taebaek Mountain;
Bear and tiger who desire to become human;
Birth of Dangun Wanggeom;
Dangun Wanggeom, founder of first kingdom of Korea.
Designer, Dongseong Kim; gravure in sheets of 12 (four at top, pane of eight with designs se-tenant at bottom), Korea Minting & Security Printing; 450,000 sets.

Aug. 1: Energy Conservation, four se-tenant 250w stamps,
Home electronic plugs pulled out of sockets;
Thermostats, representing appropriate indoor temperatures;
Car, refrigerator, light bulb, fan, meter, representing energy-efficient products;
Straps, representing public transportation.
Designers, Sojeon Kim, Jiwon Mo, Eunkyung Park, Junghwa Roh; gravure in sheets of 16, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 500,000 sets.

Aug. 7: Philately Week, two se-tenant triangular 250w stamps with stamp-on-stamp designs,
1902 Emperorís Crown (Scott 34);
1951 overprinted stamp (176).
Designer, Giseok Lee; gravure, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1 million sets;
Souvenir sheet with both stamps, 320,000 sets.

Aug. 8: Beijing Olympics, 250w,
Gymnast, Temple of Heaven.
Designer, Junghwa Roh; gravure in sheets of 20, Korea Minting & Security Printing; 1.6 million.

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