Received June 1998 MICHEL's Pamphlet-Introduction-English

The MICHEL Stamp Catalogue assigns stamp numbers chronologically to all classes of S. Korean stamps, for the most part.

It assigns a separate-sequential "Block" Number, to each "Miniature Sheet/Sheetlet" (Souvenir Sheet).

Extracted from:
The Michel Stamp Catalogue,
An Introduction
for English-speaking readers.

Compiled by Martyn Yeo.
Third Edition, 1995.

            Introduction-Page 3 extract.

Hugo Michel's first stamp catalogue was published in Apolda, a town some 10 miles north-east of Weimar, in 1910. By to-day’s standards it was a slim volume-its 112 pages listed the stamps of European countries and their post offices abroad.

The MICHEL catalogue rapidly became a standard work of reference, used by dealers to identify their stock, by philatelists to check their collections and as a reference for buying and exchanging stamps. Hugo Michel subsequently sold the rights to his catalogue to the stamp album publishers Schwaneberger Verlag, who still retain them.

The basic catalogue now occupies 13 volumes covering the stamps of all countries - despite its vast increase in size its basic structure has never been altered. Over the years it has won more than 200 medals at national and international stamp exhibitions, including 20 gold medals. More than 400,000 MICHEL catalogues are printed every year, and they find their way to collectors all over the world.

MICHEL catalogue numbers are used by most collectors in German-speaking countries and in eastern Europe, and they are the standard reference numbers for stamps of these countries. Because of the clear and authoritative listings which they provide, MICHEL catalogues are gaining in popularity in many other countries too. New editions appear regularly, and each one includes detailed editorial changes, embracing new philatelic research, newly listed errors and varieties, revised catalogue prices and new issues.

The MICHEL catalogue is published in German by Schwaneberger Verlag GmbH, whose offices are at Muth-mannstrasse 4, D-80939 Munchen, Germany. All the volumes and other MICHEL products are available from good stamp dealers or, in case of difficulty, direct by mail order from the following MICHEL agents:

United Kingdom:
Safe Albums (UK) Ltd,
16 Falcon Business Park,
Ivanhoe Road, Hogwood Lane,
Finchampstead, Berkshire.

United States:
Lighthouse Publications Inc.
274 Washington Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601

The MICHEL catalogue is supplemented by the monthly publication MICHEL-Rundschau. It contains useful articles on collecting, but for English-speaking catalogue users the more important part is its listing of new issues, presented in a matching style.

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