Title: 80th Anniversary of Formation of
Down-with-Imperialism Union 

Stamp &
Sheetlet of 3 stamps 
4467 &
Date of Issue
3 won   &
70 won
102 won
120 won 
See "Description" 
Jo Son Il 
Image Area
33 x 45 mm &
160 x 100 mm 
and Imperforated
Printing process
and colors
Technical Details
   3 won stamp: The banner of DIU
Sheetlet:  70 won; 80th Anniversary of Formation of Down-with-Imperialism Union
102 won: The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung in the period of forming the DIU
120 won: With the comrades of DIU who won the first victory

Commemorative Stamps Issued
Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- Commemorative stamps (a kind of souvenir sheet and a stamp) have been brought out in the DPRK on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU). In order to open up a new way for revolution in the darkest period of the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule over Korea, President Kim Il Sung conceived a plan to form a revolutionary vanguard organization that would conduct the anti-Japanese national liberation struggle in reliance upon popular masses with a correct fighting program and organized the DIU on October 17, Juche 15 (1926). The stamps give such words as "Commemoration of 80th Anniversary of Down-with- Imperialism Union" and "Juche 15 (1926), Juche 95 (2006)".

Printed in the center of the souvenir sheet is an image of the President in his early years of revolutionary activities, flanked by photographs showing his early revolutionary activities.

Reflected in the individual stamp are a red flag bearing the words "DIU" and Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of revolution. It shows the unswerving faith and will of the Korean people to carry out the revolutionary cause of Juche under the red flag of the revolution raised by the DIU.