Birdpex 2010

BIRDPEX 2010 is the sixth "bird-only" stamp show. It is an international stamp exhibition which is held every four years. After Christchurch (New Zealand, 1990), Rosenheim (Germany, 1994), London (England, 1998), Leek (the Netherlands, 2002) and Nørresundby (Denmark, 2006) the next BIRDPEX show will be held together with the international FEPA and national stamp exhibition ANTVERPIA 2010 and will take place from 9th to 12th of April 2010 in Antwerp Expo.

This exhibition is open for every bird stamp exhibitor, beginner or advanced collector. Not only exhibits of thematic philately are invited, but also maximaphily, postal history, traditional philately, open class and one frame.

The program of the meeting of the international Motivgruppe Ornithologie will be as well philatelic (BIRDPEX 2010 exhibition) as ornithological (several guided excursions in nature reserves).

The meeting of the Motivgruppe Ornithologie will take place in hotel La Barakka in Lokeren (25 min driving distance from Antwerp).

New Postage Stamps Issued:
"In Commemoration of the Antwerp 2010 International Exposition of Philately"

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) -- A new stamp (sheetlet) was issued in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea for an international exposition of philately which will be held in a city in the northern area of Belgium from April 9.

Printed in the upper part of the stamp are an inscription "In Commemoration of the Antwerp 2010 International Exposition of Philately" and pictures of such rare animals as Brachyramphus perdix, Gallinago solitaria, Porzana paykullii, Pernis apivorus, Pongo pygmaeus and Loxodonta africana.

As displayed by Herricks website,May 26, 2010.

Other stamps showing such orchidaceous plants as Dendrobium-Hybriden, Cymbidium Lillian Stewart "Red Carpet", Epidendrum radiatum and Sophronitella brevipendunculata were also issued.

As displayed by Herricks website,Apr. 27, 2010.

As displayed by Herricks website, May 11, 2010.

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