More on Korean Passport Stamps
By Gary N. McLean & Ronald Lesher
translation by Sunyoung Park

As printed in Korean Philately, November 2005, Vol. 50, No.4

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Korean Philately

As a follow-up to the two Korean pass­port stamps issued in the U.S., shown on page 27 of the last issue (50:3), still more informa­tion has come to light.

Figure 1 shows two stamps taken from a Korean passport issued by the Korean em­bassy in Argentina. The $20 in green is roulet­ted 4.8 and is formatted similar to Figure 2, with a serial number. The $10 in red is perforated 13 and does not have a serial number. The cancellation is dated December 27, 1996.
Figure 1: $10 (no serial number) & $20
(with serial number) USD 5K Passport Stamps

To keep all of the pictures together, the two stamps from 50:3 are shown below in Figures 2 and 3. Both stamps are rose; Figure 2 (with serial number) is rouletted, while Figure 3 (without serial number) is perforated. Both stamps are affixed to a Canadian passport and were issued by the Korean Embassy in Wash­ington, DC. Figure 2 was affixed on May 26, 1989, while Figure 3 was affixed on May 28, 1986.

Figure 2: $10 (with serial number) USD SK
Passport Stamp

Figure 3: $10 (without serial number) USD SK
Passport Stamp

Figure 4 shows an “Import Alteration” stamp issued by the Korean Passport Office and affixed to a Korean passport. It is roulefted and orange and has a serial number. (See also Translation and Figure 1 on pages 26-27.)

Figure 4: 30,000 won (with serial number)
“Import Alteration” 8K Passport Stamp

None of these stamps is currently listed in any catalogue of which we are aware. KP

Translation of 30,000 Won
Korean Import Alternation Revenue Stamp
By Sunyoung Park

As printed in Korean Philately, November 2005, Vol. 50, No.4

Figure 1, at the bottom, shows the English translation of each part of the 30,000 won South Korean Import Alternation Revenue stamp, also illustrated on page 19. Alternation means “substitution” or “interchange.”
English translation

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