Philip asks a question.
by: F. L. Korean

I received the following e-mails, on April 11, & April 17, 2009:

Hello Sir,
I came across your Korean stamp website on the net. I was given one of the "Centennial of the Korea-U.S. Treaty of Amity Booklets" you have listed on your website many years ago when I was a child in Hawaii. I was wondering if you could give me a ballpark figure of what it is worth ?

Thank you kindly for your help. *******************************************************************************

Hello F. L. Korean (My pen-name),
Thank you very much for your reply and assistance. Yes, those are the stamps inside my album. I have attached a pic of the pages in the album. The condition of all the stamps and the FDC is mint. They are all housed behind plastic covers. The album is as issued by the Ministry of Communications - Republic of Korea. The sleeve that the album is housed in is rather worn, and the last page of the album has a handwritten birthday dedication written by the Korean man who gave it to me back in 1982. There are 10 pages, with a total of 28 stamps plus the first day cover with additional two stamps on it.

Thank you again

The following image was attached:

Expansion of attachment contents, and separation of stamps contained.

 A blow-up of the Cover.

 Full sheet of "Korean Stamp Serial No.(KSS#)1254 & 1255.

 Sovenir Sheet (S/S) of KSS# 1254-1255.
   KSS# 1152                  1184                       1151

   KSS# 1198                  1162                       1144

   KSS# 1165                  1179                       1180

   KSS# 1194                 1195                          1196                             1197                             1182
                            Strip of 4.

 Philip's FDC

Korean Stamp Serial No,(KSS#)/2008 Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue No. (KPC#)/2008 SCOTT Stamp Catalogue No.(Sct#)= KSS#/KPC#/Sct#

1144/C-819/1177     1151/C-822/1179  1152/C-823/1178     1162/C-825/1190   1165/C-848/1204  1179/C-852/1208 1180/C-853/1209   1182/C-855/1211 


1194_1197/C-856_C-859/1212a-d                                                                            1198/C-833/1197

1254/C-919/1293     1255/C-920/1292       1255a/C-920a/1293a

In the middle of my valuating all the stamps involved;
Philip's question was answered by an e-mail from Stew Steres:
Thanks for keeping me in the loop re Korean questions.
In regard to the Korea-US Amity Treaty Centennial Stamp Folder in question, I have 3 of them purchased on eBay at average price $12.35 (including shipping charges). Two of the three have perfect cover envelopes and the other one has a torn envelope (I paid $11.25 for it).

The signed greetings may be a small asset to the folder especially if Kim Kwang-Hyun is a dignitary or the Minister of Comm. at the time (this I do not know). You may want to pass this on to the questioner. Keep up the good work.. Stew Steres

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