2009-SCOTT, North Korean stamp values
by: F. L. Korean

On February 27, 2009, I received the following e-mail:

Good evening,
Just went on the Korea Stamp Society web site.
I would very much appreciate if you could answer the following question:

The 2009 Scott catalogue lists the following North Korean stamps
2698-2701 at $150
2702 at $100.

Are these stamps rare? What is the reason for the high catalogue value?

Do you have the Michel catalogue value for them?

Do you have any ideas of buy/sell prices.

Your help would be very much appreciated.




So I put-up my 2008-SCOTT CD, and looked-up the stamps; then I scanned 2007-N. Korea catalogue:

Then I scanned my 1999-MICHEL; and went online to download Stanely Gibbons On-line:


After doing all my research, I sent the following e-mail:


Even though I don't care for anything coming from North Korea, I had to be nice to you "Tar-heel"; I lived at Ft.Bragg/Fayetteville 1985-1992.

In summary:
Received an e-mail from Pierre questioning the valuation of 4 stamps, and 1 Souvenir Sheet listed in 2009-SCOTT Catalogue's North Korea.

Stamps were issued November 18, 1987.
a. 2007-N. Korean Stamp Catalogue# 2754-58; Euros.
b. 1999- MICHEL, Vol. 9# 2884-88; DM
c. 2009-SCOTT, Vol. 4# 2698-2702; $
d. 2004-Stanley Gibbons-online# N2734-MSN2738; BP

I have 2008-SCOTT, Vol. 4-CD: Sc# 2698-2701 Set of 4 $150.00
Sc# 2702 S/S $100.00

In my mind, there is no greater indication that SCOTT has extremely over-evaluated these stamps,
than George's website: http://www.allkor.netfirms.com/
(Formerly listed by MICHEL#; now SCOTT#)
George's sell price is: CALL ME.

Even though the mintage of these stamps is unkown, if I had to take a guess, I'd say that SCOTT
has over-evalusted Sc# 2698-2702, by 90-95%.

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