Presidentís Notes-May 2008
by Peter M. Beck

Mixed Franking Mystery

Mixed frankings on classic Korean covers are rareóI donít have any among my 50 or so envelopes, postal cards, and post cards. I have seen a few with Japanese stamps affixed to the covers, but a December, 2007, auction featured a cover to Gennany via Tsingtao that includes a German Kiautschoa stamp (Figure 1 is the front; Figure 2 is the back). The cover sold for over $500, which was a bit out of my price range.

The 4-jeon postal card was sent on 11 August 1905 from Chemulpo and features a purple Imperial Japanese Post Office cancel. Japan had already begun the annexation of Ko≠rea on June 30, 1905, but Korean stamps and postal cards could still be used.

Four jeon was the correct rate for foreign-bound postal cards, so I am a bit puzzled as to why the cover bears the ftve-pfenning Kiautschou (Michel #6) stamp. Five pfenning appears to be the correct rate from the German colony to Europe, but why was it affixed to the cover? The card arrived in Kiautschou on 13 August and reached its destination, Celle, Germany, on 8 November, 1905. if I am reading the date correctly. I hope a KSS member (Florian?) can explain this curious cover!

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