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April 2009

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During the last several years, KSS-USA has received several inquiries questioning a philatelic item that has been released by Korea's (ROK) Issuing Authority for a long period of time; but currently unknown by me: "since when"?; "which stamp issue/s"?; "what's its current value"?

Released separately from the normal philatelic items that travel the supply line from Korea to the USA, (stamps, souvenir sheets (S/S), official stamp books, collector stamp booklets, and some First Day Covers (FDC)), in recent times these items are usually titled "Chup/Booklet" in Hangul/English, but "Chek/Book" when containing all of the stamps and S/S issued during an issue year.

I first became aware of these Booklet & Book releases in 1996-97 when I began to monitor MIC's WebSite, and periodically saw them offered for sale on the Korean-side; but to date, these offers have never been translated to the English-side. For the first time that I can recall, the rear cover of the Spring 2000 edition of Korean Stamp Review, shows an advertisement in English for the '99 Postage Stamp Yearbook of Korea', and the '99 Postage Stamp Pack of Korea',
See Korean Stamp Review's ad

In 1998, F. L. Korean purchased two Stamp Folders/Packs thru the Korean Philately Agency:

The Protection of Wild Animals and Plants (5th Issue):
See Front Cover
See Middle Flap
See Rear Cover

2002 World Cup Korea/Japan: Contains the 1st three World Cup stamp issues:
See Front Cover
See 1996 Flap
See 1997 Flap
See 1998 Flap
See Rear Cover

Some 1999 MIC released Chup/Booklets-Folders previously captured from the Korean-Side of the Web:

Wild Flower Stamp Booklet
Mushroom Stamp Booklet
Cartoon Stamp Booklet

2000 Korean-side of the Web, Booklet/Folder Offers-KSS's edited version

In 2000, I was provided graphic images by a person who inherited Korean stamps and other philatelic items, which shows a Commemorative album/folder titled in Hangul and English, "Postage Stamps to Commemorate the 1st Anniversary of the May 16th Revolution", released by the Korean Issuing Authority (Ministry of Communications, at that time), and which contains stamps and S/S issued 05.16.1962. I believe this to be the earliest confirmed sample, in my current knowledge, of the recent items being periodically released as Chup/Booklet.
See Front Cover
See Page 1
See Page 2

In July, 2003, I received an inquiry from an individual about their Korean Commemorative album/Folder displaying stamps of the "88 Seoul Olympic Games". The individual included the following information with their inquiry, "I have a complete (sic: the folder contained only those stamps issued in 1985 & 1986) "Postage Stamps Album of Seoul Olympics 1988". It contains 22 stamps commemorating different sports, 1 stamp with the Seoul Olympics logo, and 1 stamp with the mascot. All were issued in 1985 and 1986. The set was obtained at the Olympics in Seoul".

Picture of the "88-Olympic's" Folder
Picture of the "88-Olympic's" Stamps

See Spring-2004 Korean Stamp Review's ad for 2003 Postage Stamp Yearbook of Korea, and
Postage Stamp Pack of Korea

In November, 2004, I received an inquiry from an individual about their Korean Commemorative album/Folder displaying stamps of 1963-1964. The individual included the following information with their inquiry, "While cleaning out a house we purchased recently, we came across a small gray vinyl covered book entitled “Postage stamps of Korea” issued by the Min of Communication, Republic of Korea. It seems to have a complete set of stamps circa 1963-64. We would like to sell it. What would you advise? Ebay?
See Front Cover.
See Page of Regular/Definitive stamps.

During the first part of 2006, while surfing Korean web-sites, I landed on "KOSTAMP". They've got pictures of 10-20 "Commemorative Stamp Booklets/Folders", issued by the Ministry of Communications, and later on by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Kostamp's web-site    See Kostamp's index

The Centennial of the Korea-U.S. Treaty of Amity Booklet
99th Anniversary of the Korean Postal Administration
1983-Commemorative Stamp Booklet    1984-Commemorative Stamp Booklet
Pope Paul's State Visit to Korea    1986-Commemorative Stamp Booklet
1986-10th Asian Games Stamp Album    1987-Commemorative Stamp Booklet
1988-Seoul Olympics Stamp Album    1989 Seoul Olympic Festival
1989-Commemorative Stamp Booklet    1992-Commemorative Stamp Booklet
21st Universal Postal Congress    Stamp Album of 21st UPC & PHILAKOREA-1994
1995 Postage Stamp Yearbook    1996 Postage Stamp Booklet
15th Presidential Inauguration Stamp Booklet    1999-Commemorative Stamp Booklet
2002 FIFA World Cup Stamp Booklet    14th Asian Games Stamp Booklet
16th Presidential Inauguration Stamp Booklet

During April 2008, I received an inquiry from an individual about their Korean Commemorative album/Folder displaying stamps of 1956-1958. The individual included the following information with their inquiry, "I was hoping you might answer a question about a stamp album I have. On the cover it says: Postage Stamp Album of Korea 4289 - 4291; 1956 - 1958, Ministry Of Communications, Republic Of Korea. There are 63 stamps on 18 pages with descriptions and I guess issue dates.

My question is about the collectibility of the album - is it a common thing or something Korean Stamp collectors would be interested in?"

Sometime during March 2009 I noticed that the "Korea Portal System" included a pop-up that was advertising the sale of the "2008 Year Book', and the "2008 Year Pack".
Korean Portal System-English-side
See the "Book".
See the "Pack".

During April 2009, I received an inquiry from Philip, New Zealand about the value of a "The Centennial of the Korea-U.S. Treaty of Amity Folder" he had been given.
See the activity between us.

On March 12, 2011, Brian's Blog-spot presented "2010 Korean Postage Stamps Yearbook."
See the write-up
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