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Five months after U. S. troops landed in the Southern part of the Korean peninsula, in September 1945, six overprinted/surcharged Japanese stamps were temporarily placed in use on February 1, 1946. This was under the direction of the U. S. Military Government. See the Overprinted Japanese Stamps

Five months later, on June 30, 1946, the six overprinted/surcharged Japanese stamps were withdrawn from use; having been replaced by the Korean designed, but Japanese printed, six stamp "Liberation from Japanese Rule" set, which were issued May 1, 1946.
See the "Liberation from Japanese Rule" set

By    Lee Dong-Sung
Editing Adviser with Doosan

For the first time in 1946, South Koreans, working within the U. S. Military Government Office, selected five topics to be issued during September - November 1946. They selected, five different themes for the stamp designs, which they felt were most symbolic, and that best represented Korea. These five designs were; the map of Korea, the national flower of Korea "Rose of Sharron", the gold crown and the stone-tower for astronomical observation (both produced or built in the days of ancient "Shilla", and considered symbolic as well as most representative of Korea’s fine art and science in those ancient days) and last but not least, the bronze statue of Admiral Yi Sun-shin as the historical character to be remembered for ever and ever by all Koreans.

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Shown here are the stamps most appropriate for our philatelic purpose, not in a quite refined way, as they are still printed in typography. The stamps were issued during the U.S. Military Government, but they illustrate very well the excitement of the Korean people on the occasion of the Liberation.

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