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The Beginning of "Special Sheets"

It seems that as an afterthought, a commemorative stamp and souvenir sheet were issued 1958.05.20 honoring "The 2nd Postal Week"; with no 1st Postal Week stamp issue in sight.

The following year, 1959, in celebration of the 3rd Postal Week a new philatelic class of item was generated on 1959.05.20; what this WebSite referrs to as a "Special Sheet".
What's a Special Sheet

1960, saw the second Special Sheet generated for the 4th Postal Week, on 1960.10.07.

Obviously, the Bureau of Posts plans to issue the third Special Sheet in celebration of the 5th Postal Week, (which was planned for 1961.05.20), was curtailed due to Park Chon-hee's Military Revolution, which began on 1961.05.16, 4 days before the planned release. Five years later, the completed Special Sheet was taken off-the-shelf and over-printed with the 6th Postal Week, and issued on 1966.06.13.

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1958.05.20     1959.05.20      1960.10.07             1966.06.13

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