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The Beginning of "Series"

By the end of 1962, the time had arrived for the Ministry of Communication's Bureau of Post to plan and execute the first "series of stamp issues" over an extended period of time. This was done with the "First Five-Year Economic Development Plan"; a series of stamp issues that began in 1962 with the issue of two stamps, and continued for the next five years.

As of June 2001, 40 series-of-stamps have been opened, with series#'s 37-40 still open. Series# 41, Korean Food Series is scheduled to start June 15, and Series# 42, Korean Orchid Series is scheduled to start November 12 of this year.

For those who read Hangul, and have seen the stamp listings of the Korean Postage Stamp Catalogue (KPC), or the Korean Standard Stamp Catalogue (KSC), I draw your attention to two stamp listings which are identified as Shee-ree-ju/Series: 1963.12.17; National Musical Instruments; and 1964.05.25; 1st Sightseeing Series/Tourist Attractions. Since all of the stamps involved in these two issues were printed and released on the Issue-date, I consider these issues to be "sets-of- stamps", and not "series".

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