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"My Own Stamp" program

"MY OWN STAMP" program is launched. The 2000 National Postage Stamp Exhibition was held from August 2 through 7, 2000, at the First Exhibition Room of the Pacific Hall on the first floor of the Convention and Exhibition Center (COEX) at Samsung-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul.

Exhibition visitors came across a booth, that advocated they take digital photos, supply they're favorite photos, or, supply their personal or company logos; to be turned into ten Korean label-stamps. These ten label-stamps, were then to be printed in the second and fourth columns of a stamp sheet. The first and third columns would contain five each of a reprint of the Definitive stamp of Dec. 15, 1997, entitled "Australian Curlew" a long-beaked bird.
See the sheet

April 30, 2001. The brandnew postage concept, "My Own Stamp", elicited enthusiastic response and keen attention when its demonstration version made its debut during the 2000 Korea Postage Stamp Exhibition. Now fully materialized, this stamp concept has made itself readily available to willing customers.

My Own Stamp is a postage stamp made on demand by printing either the customer's picture or a corporation's logo next to a regular postage stamp. The procedure comprises two steps: printing a regular postage stamp leaving an adjacent and same-size space empty, and subsequently incorporating either a customer photo or a corporate logo in the earmaked space. On-the-spot photo-taking of customers is available, with the use of digital cameras. Customers can also choose to mail in their ready-to-use photos.

This round of issuing of "My Own Stamp", the first ever of its kind in Korea, offers four different designs: 'love', 'gratitude', 'congratulations' and 'birthday'. Orders for 'love' and 'gratitude' stamps can be placed in post offices throughout the country starting from April 30. 'Congratulations' and 'birthday' stamps are scheduled to be released on June 1st and July 2nd respectively. My Own Stamp is to be mailed to the customer. On-the-spot photo taking is available either at the Seoul Central Post Office ,in large-scale, stamp-related events held in Korea, including the World Postage Stamp Exhibition. The price of a full sheet, which comprises 20 stamps printed together with either 20 customer photos, or 20 corporate logos, is 7,000 Korean won. Stamps with empty spaces for later incorporation of photos or advertisements are not available. The printed photos or logos can be considered as tokens of having paid postal charges insofar as they are used in tandem with regular stamps bearing the specific amount of postal charges.
See the "Love"; April 30, 2001
See the "Gratitude"; April 30, 2001
See the "Congratulations"; June 1, 2001
See the "Birthday"; July 2, 2001

With the adjustment in postal rates effective as of January 15, 2002, the postage for My Own Stamp is changed to 190 won and the four themes of love, gratitude, congratulations and birthday will be issued in new designs.
See the "Love"; Jan. 15, 2002
See the "Gratitude"; Jan. 15, 2002
See the "Congratulations"; Jan. 15, 2002
See the "Birthday"; Jan. 15, 2002

With the adjustment in postal service fees effective as of November 1, 2004, the Korea Post will issue new versions of "My Own Stamp." The newly-issued My Own Stamp offers a variety of choices not only in the design of the postage stamp but also in the full sheet used in the stamps.

The full sheet for the Taegeukgi (National Flag of Korea), Fortune, and Crape Myrtle stamps will offer 20 stamps, respectively, as in the past as well as 20 pictures or images from which customers can freely choose according to their tastes.

As for the Taegeukgi, Bible, and Lotus Flower stamps, 14 stamps and 14 photos of the customer will be offered as well as a PR image of the customer's choice at the center of the full sheet, providing a unique composition.

The newly-designed My Own Stamp offers customers a variety of choices from the Bible and the Lotus Flower stamps each depicting Christianity and Buddhism; to Animal Friends: Teddy Bear, Baby Dinosaur, and Letter Envelope stamps, which are endearing and amusingly designed to appeal to the younger generation.
Sheet# 1.
Sheet# 2.
Sheet# 3.
Sheet# 4.
Sheet# 5.
Sheet# 6.
Sheet# 7.
Sheet# 8.

June 2, 2006. As a follow-on to the 2002-World Cup-Korea/Japan, Korea has issued a sheet-of-stamps in honor of 2006-World Cup-Germany, which it has classified as a member of "My Own Stamp program".
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Effective Nov.1, 2006, the basic-rate for comemmorative stamps increased from 220 won to 250 won. In conjunction with the rate change, a "My Own Stamp" was issued.

On March 21, 2007 a new design for the My Own Stamp is being issued to enable the people to experience more diverse enjoyment. The My Own Stamps issued at this time feature the sunflower, clover and a golden pig, with a new type of sheet comprising nine stamps and nine pictures also introduced.
Sheet# 1.
Sheet# 2.
Sheet# 3.

On May 19, 2008, With the launching of the new government (February 25, 2008), Korea Post, which was formerly a part of the Ministry of Information and Communication, was placed under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy. To mark this change in the stamp-issuing institution, My Own Stamps in new designs are issued. A total of 4 different My Own Stamps are newly introduced, in a new sheet form composed of only 3 stamps.

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